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»In a fast changing regulatory environment Marwian GmbH wants to become a well-known provider of tailor-made solutions for innovative preservation for or all kind of products and an expert in compliance issues for our customers in our operating markets.«

What we see today is a drift apart of interest of the people and regulating authorities and the industry when it comes to preserving goods. On the one hand products need to have high end functionality and reasonable lifespan so high quality products do not get biodegraded and thus wasted.

Marwian company
Marwian company

On the other hand regulating institutions are cutting use level and banning biocides in general due to their inherent risks. Marwian GmbH wants to become a link between those interest by providing a revolutionary biocide which provides broad and long term efficacy against bacteria, fungi and algae while showing no to minimal risk for the users and the environment.

Today we produce, develop and market our new active agent from our company headquarter based in Vienna.

As a young and small company we benefit from our flexibility and fast paced actions for our customers.

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Marwian company